The partnership between day invested online and Internet sites addiction certainly Chinese university freshmen: a great mediated moderation design

The partnership between day invested online and Internet sites addiction certainly Chinese university freshmen: a great mediated moderation design

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Citation: Feng Y, Ma Y and Zhong Q (2019) The connection Anywhere between Adolescents’ Worry and you may Internet Dependency: A Mediated-Moderation Model. Top. Psychol. . doi: /fpsyg.8

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Thousands of existing studies have shown that worry is directly pertaining to Web sites dependency (Zhao, 2006; Zhou, 2009; Zhang et al., 2012; Wu, 2016) and this teenagers with Websites addiction be troubled than usual kids (Wu ainsi que al., 2009; Odac? and Cikr?kci, 2017). Yet, experts has actually worried about the fresh determine mechanism regarding stress on Internet habits. Depending on the Cognitive-Phenomenological-Transactional principle, an issue is the mediation of the be concerned resource while the worry response. Because of this individuals’ dealing design, time management inclinations, or any other circumstances gamble an intermediary part, while societal service plays a regulating part (Chen ainsi que al., 2014; Wei, 2014; Zhu, 2014; Ye and you may Zheng, 2016).


Taking the highest 27% and the lowest 27% of the social class scores as the dividing lines, the participants were divided into three groups to compare their scores for stress, social anxiety, and Internet addiction. Table 1 illustrates significant differences in the values for stress, social anxiety, and Internet addiction among adolescents in high, middle, and low social classes (p < 0.01). The comparison showed that the scores of stress, social anxiety, and Internet addiction in adolescents of low and middle social classes were significantly higher than that of adolescents in a higher social class. Moreover, compared with adolescents of middle and high social classes, the scores for adolescents in lower classes were significantly higher in stress, social anxiety, and Internet addiction (p < 0.01).


This research discovered that personal nervousness performs a mediator part inside brand new control out of social group so you can stress and you can Websites addiction. If there’s a rise in adolescents’ levels of stress (e.grams., instantly experiencing negative lifestyle incidents), kids definitely feel more stress, and the way to alleviate its stress is to utilize the fresh new Internet, improving the odds of Web sites addictionpared to the kids with high public group, the newest impact of fret and you may social stress toward kids when you look at the a reduced personal classification was even more obvious.

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