They frequently like bacon, but you to definitely serving not seem like a highly healthy food!

They frequently like bacon, but you to definitely serving not seem like a highly healthy food!

Urchin Crab Hello people- I got a pretty large yellow hermit crab, have black hairs, light locations and you can fits in a huge North american country turbo snail layer

Cool/coldwater Hermits Thanks Bob. One actually died on Friday night, :-(, however they now have a new home. At the pet shop he gave me some algae fish pellets for them to eat, however they don’t seem to want to go near it, have you got any ideas on what I can/should feed them?? ! Thanks again Bob regards Biddy.

These Crabs Won’t Grab! Quick Question: I bought 10 small (all <1"; most <1/2") hermit crabs at my LFS to help clear diatoms detritus from the substrate of my 80G FOWLR. Before putting them in my tank, I became concerned that they could pose a threat to my yellow-headed Jawfish and my Firefish. I haven't put them in yet. Is there any actual cause for concern? Thanks, Steve.

Thanks for all the help, Justin

my question is, I picked up a small “orange eyed” black urchin, and it looked like the crab was going after him last night. this morning I can’t find the urchin, but did see about 10 spine clippings in the sand were the hermit crab was. Are crabs natural Is it possible that the crab killed the urchin, or is it more likely the urchin is hiding? should I remove the crab? (the crab is ill tempered, eats all the snails and what not). Bob Fenner>

– Healing Hermit – Hi there, I have a red legged Hermit crab which I am really worried about. He did he usual hiding before shedding. Disappeared into his nice little cave I made for him. He shed his skin late Friday night. I noticed he was hiding inside his shell on Sat. He usually remains grumpy for about a week after shedding. However on Sun he came out of his shell and was missing his big pincher and all his legs down the left side. I don’t know if one of the fish pulled him while he was weak or if he just decided it was a good time to loose his shell. I left him in the tank to reduce his stress however I noticed that some of the fish were bothering him. So I moved him into the sump. He seems to be fine and he is eating etc. I have knocked the calcium level a bit higher to give him more calcium to recover. Don’t know if this will help. Is there anything that I can do to help him heal faster. Thanks, Rob.

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