Sanemi and Giyu apparently n’t have a great relationship because their characters can be various other

Sanemi and Giyu apparently n’t have a great relationship because their characters can be various other

Giyu tries to save yourself Tanjiro away from Nezuko Kamado, who were became a devil, it is amazed observe Tanjiro trying manage the woman. [1] Immediately following nearly taking taken down by Tanjiro, the guy senses his possible and you will delivers your so you’re able to their grasp, Sakonji Urokodaki, thus he can instruct your to become a devil Slayer. [2]

If you’re very first hostile towards the him or her, Giyu has come so you can worry a great deal regarding the sisters and you can ready to break the fresh Devil Hunters’ code of conduct by putting his lifestyle at risk in order to protect him or her. [3] [4]

Tanjiro is but one exactly who lets Giyu to open and you can comprehend the guy needs to step up in order to as being the inheritor of the water Breathing Design, and never let his prior losings and you can sense of inadequacy stop him from recognizing so it. Both now have much more in common than just they feel, convinced toward similar wavelengths. In a few means, Tanjiro try their companion (except that their late friend Sabito, and you may, somewhat, fellow Hashira Shinobu Kocho).

He could be demonstrated to worry much getting Tanjiro, that’s subsequent seen as he will get significantly angered when Akaza tries to kill Tanjiro, dropping their common stoic demeanour and you will jumping in to include your regarding Upper Rank. Whenever Tanjiro is assumed lifeless following the battle with Muzan Kibutsuji, Giyu cries and blames himself to possess not being able to include him. [5] When Tanjiro becomes a demon, however, Giyu suggests absolutely nothing doubt to assault your towards intent to destroy as opposed to individuals that are close to Tanjiro. He does hesitate to eliminate Tanjiro when he observes Tanjiro try assaulting Muzan’s handle.

Shinobu Kocho

Giyu and you will Shinobu try each other Hashira of your own Demon Slayer Corps. He has contrary personalities and you can initially be seemingly within chance with each other. [6] Giyu are shocked when she advertised the guy only got a beneficial grudge on her having claiming others hated your. [7] Even after coming to opportunity together, she’s really the only Hashira who Giyu has actually interacted that have and you can spoke so you can cordially.

Later on, one another the guy and you will Shinobu visited value the brand new Kamado sisters and tend to be significantly distressed from the intense therapy of another Hashira towards Tanjiro and you can Nezuko. [8] When Giyu after hears from the Shinobu’s passing, he is noticeably shocked and you may distressed from the reports. So it contrasts in order to his reaction to death of their other fellow Demon Slayers eg Kyojuro Rengoku, Muichiro Tokito and Genya Shinazugawa, who the guy don’t respond to just like the mentally.

Sanemi Shinazugawa

Sanemi along with his usually noisy and you will abrasive message whenever you are Giyu is actually kept calm and you can quiet. The sole big date there clearly was respect found occurs when Kagaya was about area.

It’s revealed one to Giyu tries to have an informal gesture into Sanemi whenever Tanjiro proposes to consume ohagi with her. Adopting the Demon Slayers is actually disbanded, the two Hashira consider both and laugh, as their long journey in the long run ended.

Sakonji Urokodaki

Just like the previous Water Hashira, Sakonji was Giyu’s learn and the one who instructed your the fresh Drinking water Respiration Build while the cultivator. He keeps him towards higher regard and you can Sakonji seems to have an abundance of believe toward their previous beginner too, while the viewed as he welcomes his judgement regarding Tanjiro and you can Nezuko’s factors by agreeing to rehearse and safeguards him or her. [9]


While Sabito try long dead before show come, it was showed that one another he and you will Sabito were good friends as they experience comparable activities of losing their families in order to Demons and you can fused really because of this. After, inside Latest Selection Test, Sabito passed away at the hands of the latest Give Devil seeking to help save his existence while others exactly who participated in the exam. Sabito’s demise triggered Giyu to feel much shame toward section in which the guy doubted his personal efficiency and you may sensed leaving his updates once the Drinking water Hashira.

Tsutako Tomioka

Tsutako try Giyu’s old brother. Not much is known on Giyu and you may Tsutako’s relationship, it are indicated that Giyu along with his sister accustomed possess a strong and you will enjoying cousin relationship. One-night, Tsutako hid the students Giyu and you may forfeited herself to safeguard him away from Demons fighting their residence. Giyu as well as cared a lot to own their cousin which he seems accountable for her dying and think they are better off lifeless in advance of Sabito clicked on your due to this.

Obanai Iguro

Obanai hated Giyu getting unsure grounds, regardless if Obanai’s disposition is a giant factor in they. Later on inside their fight Muzan the two was basically found protecting each other and dealing together.

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