Metaphor for Interpersonal Agreement Crossword Clue

If you`re a lover of crossword puzzles, you have probably come across clues that leave you scratching your head. One such clue could be “Metaphor for interpersonal agreement.” This clue is not only challenging but can be quite confusing if you don`t know what it means. But don`t worry, because we`re here to help!

Firstly, let`s break down the clue into its components: metaphor, interpersonal, and agreement. A metaphor is a figure of speech that describes something by comparing it to something else without using “like” or “as.” Interpersonal refers to the interaction between people. Agreement means to come to a mutual understanding or decision with others. So, we`re looking for a word or phrase that combines all three of these elements.

The answer is “meeting of the minds.” This is a metaphor because it uses the term “meeting” to describe the coming together of ideas or thoughts. It is interpersonal because it refers to an agreement that has been reached between different individuals. And, finally, it relates to agreement because it indicates that two or more people have come to a mutual understanding.

“Meeting of the minds” is a common phrase used in various contexts such as business, law, and even personal relationships. It refers to a situation in which two or more people share the same ideas or opinions about a particular matter. It`s a metaphorical way of saying that they are aligned or in agreement on a given point.

When it comes to crossword puzzles, many clues require knowledge of metaphors, idioms, and other figure of speech. In this case, the clue “metaphor for interpersonal agreement” required an understanding of both the metaphorical and interpersonal nature of the answer. Once you know what to look for, solving puzzles like this becomes much easier.

In conclusion, “meeting of the minds” is a metaphor for interpersonal agreement commonly used in many contexts. It`s a great example of how language can express complex ideas and emotions through figurative speech. So, the next time you come across a similar clue, you`ll know exactly what to look for. Happy puzzling!